(Don’t Look for the) Black Cat

Valentine wrote a poem in 2015 and when he showed it to me I saw some great potential to make a song out of it. After making a few adaptations to the words and phrasing, I built the chord progression and song structure around the lyrics and brought it to our next session.

We played around with this tune in a few sessions in November and December of that year, but like that elusive Cheshire cat, this song also ended up sitting on the shelf as we started pursuing other projects. Luckily, this cat wasn’t dead, and we recently dusted it off and gave her a spin in this November 2017 recording. Hope you like it.

One thing I love about this song is the mystery behind the lyrics. Is the song about chasing an elusive lost love , or is it a warning against getting obsessed by things that aren’t there in the first place? Only the black cat knows and if you find her, be sure to ask.